Who Are We?

You are the Food People!

What we do:

  • Make accessible whole foods of the highest quality from around the world.  
  • Store the food so as to maintain absolute freshness and quality.
  • Reuse and recycle packaging where possible (see packaging).
  • Always select low impact, sustainable, fair trade, organic, or otherwise well grown products when there is a choice. 
  • Make this all affordable!  

Where we are going:

Our main thing is stocking healthful, high quality food staples for cooking good home made meals. Our current list of products reflects that goal. We applaud the occurrence of self serve, no packaging systems, and though we can not offer this service, we are fazing out small plastic packages as we develop. We don't carry a lot of multi ingredient products, but are actively sourcing local NS prepared products to include in our catalog - stay tuned!


How we do it:

We buy product from companies that support the high standard of food storage that we hold dear.  After food is purchased from producers it is transported in climate controlled environments to cooled warehouses. From there it is transported in refrigerated trucks to our own warehouse where it is stored in either a freezer, refrigerator, or cool cellar depending on the sensitive nature of the product and the length of time it will be stored before being sold.  That is why our nuts always taste the best!

Who we serve:

Currently we cast a small web to serve communities from downtown Dartmouth to Chester Basin. We are actively seeking opportunities for free drop off locations and may expand as far as Bridgewater.  Shipping is available, but expensive and we are working on making it more feasible.

You may want us if:

  • If you cook a lot and buy lots of whole food ingredients.
  • If you support organic agriculture and other environmental and humanitarian initiatives.
  • if you have a high standard for fresh and nutritious food.
  • if you like the idea of small local companies bringing you food

More about Us:

Tyler Haut, owner of Food People has been eating for 40+ years.  It is with this vast experience that it has become undeniably clear that making and eating whole foods does not suck.  In fact, it is the best.

Tyler has been slinging health food as a side hustle for almost 10 years.  Originally planning a healthy catering empire, he was consumed with the vastly demanding world of homesteading and raising a family. Food production became an in house affair, but distribution flourished through the demand of friends and neighbours. Now, we are ready to share our resources with more like minds and food people.

Please know, that most of the foods we sell are healthful storable staples, however, they are no replacement for fresh well grown vegetables.  We recommend buying loads of veggies and fruit from local small farms. Look out or our veggie tracker resources page coming soon.

Food words to live by:

Keep the food fresh.  Keep it cool; keep it out of the light; keep it away from oxygen, or just eat it now.  But, if you can't eat it right away, do all those other things.